Let’s Talk About PCOD

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Those pains, those hidden tears, those mood swings…. these are part of my life….Everyday I come to a decision that… no, I will end it…but I have not that much power… Do you know what we all faced everyday.It is not easy to live with a disease PCOD or PCOS, i.e Polycystic ovary syndrome.

Treatment can help you, but this condition can’t be cured. It requires a medical diagnosis.Lab tests or imaging always required.It can last for years or be lifelong. Everyday all those feelings of loneliness, gaining weight, not having your periods for 3-5 months,heavy bleeding during your periods, gaining weight, imbalance of hormones, thin hair growth, insomnia, depression heavy facial hair growth etc, are the common symptoms of PCOD.

Many women have PCOS but don’t know it. In one study, up to 70 percent of women with PCOS hadn’t been diagnosed.PCOS affects a woman’s ovaries, the reproductive organs that produce estrogen and progesterone — hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. The ovaries also produce a small amount of male hormones called androgens.The ovaries release eggs to be fertilized by a man’s sperm. The release of an egg each month is called ovulation.

Yoga,exercises, use of a proper diet plan has shown significant improvement in irregularity of menstrual cycles and ovulation in about 50% women diagnosed with PCOD which improves body composition. Also meditation helps to remove mental illness like stress, depression etc. I use some natural ingredients like turmeric, coriander seeds, green tea, lemon juice with warm water etc as a medicine and these ingredients help me. You can also use these techniques.

Please avoid oily foods, carbohydrates, fast food, too much sleeping habit, too much sugar consumption etc. Be strong, be happy, be you. Keep smiling always. Take care of yourself. And definitely one day you will overcome this PCOD.

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