Dear #ladies🏵🏵,
Today is woman’s day .. oppssss.. nohhhh ..then.. mother’s day or sister’s day… Noooo.. It’s just a normal day.. Here I am writing a letter to you all. A letter of success, a letter of strength, a letter of beauty, a letter of happiness, a letter of greetings. First of all I just want to say that isn’t it amazing, you are a beautiful creativity of god. You all are brave, you are strong, you are fierce… you are more than you think. No need to be a perfect one. You are already perfect in your imperfections. Sometimes it’s important to be messy, be crazy or be you.

You are skinny ? OK. You are chubby? OKkk. You are dark? OKayy. You are bright? OKkk. You are tall? OK OK. You are short? OKkkkkkkyyy….Don’t worry, these are just some words..above all these, you know, there are three magical words which define your soul beautifully and i.e “YOU ARE UNIQUE”. Have you ever think, you are a lovely daughter, a caring sister, a adorable & good student, an awesome friend, a helpful collogue, a responsible wife or daughter-in-law, a brave mother, as a whole you are an amazing human being. Those mood swings are beautiful, that monthly pain or that stain is beautiful, those scars are beautiful, those white hairs are beautiful, those stretch marks are beautiful. Actually you are beautiful in your own way. You are the joba, the narji, the beli, the gulapi, the Korobi, the gutimali, the kharikajai, the nayantara, the aparajita, the hunaru……
Just .. #take_care_of_yourself, #love_your_precious_soul, #make_it_happy, #keep_it_alive, #dream_big, #touch_your_goals, #listen_to_your_heart, #fight_for_your_right, #be_strong,#do_whatever_you_want…
#be_the_wind #be_the_ocean #be_the_sky of your own. ❤❤❤❤

11 thoughts on “an_open_love_letter_to_all_the_woman

  1. This is so encouraging and definitely something that we should remind ourselves of every day. Even when those around you can’t see just how special you are, it doesn’t change the fact that you are a unique masterpiece and each scar only adds to the beauty. We all need to learn to be a little kinder to ourselves. Be fearlessly happy in your own skin and let that happiness and light radiate to everyone around you. Thank you for reminding us that even when we don’t feel it or when we struggle to see it, we are beautiful.


  2. I think this may be one of my favourite posts I ever read. There was something so simply beautiful in the way you described a woman. I appreciated your love letter in a time when I could use a little love. It’s not always easy trying to be the good woman I wish to be but you made me feel I was good enough.
    What a beautiful woman I imagine you to be ❤️

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