I still remember that beautiful day. We (ma, pita and i) were passing through the #Dihing_Patkai national park. There is a small roadside market called “#Maya_Bazar”. You can find different kinds of local and fresh vegetables,local fish ect in that small market produced by the local farmers or villagers and their most of the customers are those visitors who passes through that reserve road by personal vehicle.Whenever we pass through that market, my mom always buy something from that market.
At that day I too went with my mom.

When mom was busy buying vegetables.Suddenly I saw them( those two old smiling queens of my grandma’s age).They were in a very happy mood. The way they were smiling and talking with each others, they looked so beautiful. At that moment their smiling faces gave me a strange feeling in my heart..I also started to smile and took out my phone to capture those beautiful smiles. But, then I felt that, they may feel uncomfortable if I take their pictures without their permission.
So I went to their stalls and asked them, “aita(grandma) can I click your pics?” They smiled and one of them asked me”Mai(dear),you want to click our pictures? Ahhh,we become old now” and they laughed. Again I requested them just one aita, your smile is so beautiful and I want to capture it on my phone,so can I?.” Then they said to me, “wait dear, let me make up my dress properly.OK…now you can click.” I smiled and said okkk.When I showed their beautiful pictures, they asked me “is it me, waw, I am looking so beautiful na?” I said yes, “dhuniya(beautiful) aita”.
After all these, they asked my name,what I m doing these days,my address etc and touched my cheeks in a lovey way. I swear now I can’t express that feeling…..At that moment I felt that I know them for so many years. I also felt that their love was really pure and selfless.And ya…I must say that, it doesn’t matter who you are,from where you belong to,what is your status, it’s all about love,kindness, and selflessness which make you a great and awesome person..They had nothing to gave me, but they had so many things to share with me. After all they had a good and a big heart. The way they treated me, it was an undescribable feeling for me.
Now I wonder,how they are surviving in this present situation.Because the source of their earning is also in a lockdown mood. #dhuniya_aita.

#portrait_photography #lockdown #stay_home_stay_safe.

13 thoughts on “Every_picture_has_a_story

  1. Now I’m smiling too after reading. Kindness is always a special gesture. Who ever is kind in heart and the mind there the beautiful smile exists. Irrespective of age and any other parameters. Good post and keep smiling. ⚘

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